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  WOW: a career booster?


  Video games have long been thought of as distractions to work and education, rather than aids. But there is a growing school of thought that says game-playing in moderation, and in your free time, can make you more successful in your career. The younger people coming into the workplace who have had experience playing online games are the highest-level performers because they are constantly motivated to seek out the next challenge and grab on to performance metrics.




  --Games can cultivate "dispositions" that are valuable in a corporate setting. Video games are often a trial-and-error process where players become accustomed to failure, and learn from it.


  --Video games can also present players with unexpected challenges and new situations. Gamers learn to respond to, and even seek out, new challenges in order to progress. They also learn to improvise, and are thus more likely to be able to solve problems creatively when there is no solution to be found in a manual.


  --Games can train you to manage and organize high volumes of information.


  Case Examples:


  --Elliot Noss, chief executive of domain-name provider Tucows, has spent the past 5 years training to become a better leader. How? By playing World of Warcraft (WOW) for 6 to 7 hours a week. In WOW, each action, even a small task like hunting an animal, has a purpose and fits into a broader framework. Similarly, Noss has set up frameworks at Tucows that allow employees to understand how day-to-day tasks affect the company. Noss's efforts seem to be paying off. He says he has seen employee satisfaction rise and turnover decrease by a noticeable percentage.

  著名域名提供商Tucows公司首席执行官艾略特·诺斯在过去5年一直潜心于将自己训练成一名更优秀的领导,他的做法就是每个星期玩《魔兽世界》 6-7个小时。在《魔兽世界》里,即使是像捕猎这种低级别任务都有其目的性,并和游戏的整体框架相契合。诺斯在Tucows公司也构建了类似框架,从而使员工能够理解每天的琐碎小事是如何影响整个公司的运营的。诺斯的努力似乎已经渐收成效,他表示员工对公司的满意度大幅提升,员工跳槽的频率也明显降低。

  --Stephen Gillett, a gamer who became chief information officer of Starbucks while still in his 20s. By playing WOW, Gillet developed the ability to influence and persuade people through leadership rather than trying to order them around.

  史蒂芬·吉利特在年仅20来岁即成为星巴克公司的首席信息官,作为一个资深玩家,吉利特通过玩《魔兽世界》练就出依靠"灵活领导"而非"死板命令" 去影响和说服周围人的能力。

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