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Play & Win

Reach new heights on legendary science booster rollercoaster game and win attractive prizes.

Collect as many non-toxic items as possible and avoid collecting the radiation symbols during your race by using either the manual controls or by moving your smartphone to the right, left or lifting it up for jumping. Use 2 fingers tap to jump in accelerator mode. During the game you will be asked questions about Roche Applied Science. If you answer correctly, the items you collect will be assigned higher points. Wrong answers won't be sanctioned. To reach the next level, you have to collect 40 non-toxic items 3 times per level (question appears per every 40 items collected). To finish the game you need to collect 12 different non-toxic items sets during the game. To win a prize, you should register with your real name and address.

How to win & Prizes
There are 4 chances to win. Refer to for drawing dates and prizes.

First prize
As the winner you will travel to an international scientific conference of your choice
(cost recovery up to a maximum amount of CHF 1’000)

Best score prize 1
Two cinema vouchers valued CHF 50

Best score prize 2
Two cinema vouchers valued CHF 50

Best score prize 3
Two cinema vouchers valued CHF 50

In order to get a prize you should register with your real name and address. The competition is open to scientist working in Switzerland only. Only one best score prize can be won by the same person. In case of identical scores, best score prize winner will be determined by draw. All registered participants will automatically enter the main prize drawing independently of the number of collected points. The game will be closed by the date outlined on Employees of Roche and their family members are excluded from the competition. Legal process excluded. Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way into this game contest.

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